A history of industrialization and urbanization in great britain

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The Effects of Urbanization During the Industrial Revolution

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Effects of the Industrial Revolution

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Urbanization and Its Historical Stages By the early s both Great Britain and the United States had become predominantly urbanized nations; since that time, urbanization has been occurring around the globe at a rapid rate.

Industrial Revolution in Great Britain: Effects of Industrialization and Urbanization on Cities in Great Britain Students will describe how industrialization and urbanization affected cities.

Open Resource. In pre-industrial society, over 80% of people lived in rural areas. As migrants moved from the countryside, small towns became large cities. Byfor the first time in world history, more people in a country—Great Britain—lived in cities than in rural areas.

The pattern of industrialization in other countries after has been broadly similar in many respects to that experienced by Britain, although, of course, the permutations were never the same in any two countries (Maizels ).

The greatest overall change in settlement was, in fact, the massive urbanization that accompanied Britain’s early industrial development. The increasing percentage of employees in offices and service industries ensures continued urban growth. The first transformation to an industrial economy from an agricultural one, known as the Industrial Revolution, took place from the midth to early 19th century in certain areas in Europe and North America; starting in Great Britain, followed by Belgium, Germany, and France.

How does industrialization lead to urbanization? A history of industrialization and urbanization in great britain
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