A history of nike corporation an athletic shoe company

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Serena Williams’ Net Worth Has Some Surprising Numbers

One such company is Umbro. right now, Nike has two subsidiaries, Converse Inc. and Hurley International.

Nike sponsors several football, tennis and basketball players. They also have a special line of shoes for athletes.

Their first products were track running shoes, for a wide range of sports including track & field, tennis, baseball, Association football, lacrosse, basketball etc.

Nike sells an assortment of products, including shoes and apparel for sports activities for men, women and children.

Nike - Statistics & Facts

Viviana Mall, India s first and only visually impaired friendly mall, passionately runs Viviana XRCVC resource centre for visually impaired people. In Japan, Nike allied itself with Nissho Iwai, the sixth largest Japa nese trading company, to form Nike-Japan Corporation. Because Nike al ready held a part of the low-priced athletic shoe market, the company set its sights on the high-priced end of the scale in Japan.

Today inNike Inc. not only manufactures and distributes athletic shoes at every marketable price point to a global market, but over 40% of our sales come from athletic apparel, sports equipment, and subsidiary ventures. Serena Williams is the world's highest-paid female athlete. Here's how much she earns in salary, endorsements and other business ventures.

A history of nike corporation an athletic shoe company
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