Early history of hospitality industry

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What Is Hospitality Industry – Historical Background of the Hospitality Industry

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Early Civilizations During Early Civilizations people travelled by foot due to the lack of transportation methods. tourism is at it's peak, with people travelling from their homes to places of all corners of the earth. The hospitality and tourism industry had made its.

Chapter 1. History and Overview Learning Objectives. Simply put, the hospitality industry is the combination of the accommodation and food and beverage groupings, collectively making up the largest segment of the industry.

As early asenterprising Canadians like the Brewsters became the country’s first tour operators. 1.

Hospitality management studies

Introduction. The tourism and hospitality industry is a key driver of the global economy creating million jobs and contributing $ trillion (World Travel and Tourism Council, ).This equates to % of the world’s GDP and sees 1 in 10 jobs being tourism and hospitality related (World Travel and Tourism Council, ).In Australia, the hotel industry is worth $14 billion annually.

The ancient hospitality customs remind us of what the hospitality industry is all about. To answer the question that what is the hospitality industry, we would also need to dwell on the historical background of the hospitality industry.

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Early history of hospitality industry
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